Harmony Ruana

Part of our Hugs for Healing series–projects designed as a special “pick-me-up” for a friend, relative or yourself. This Ruana is designed by Kristin Pretzer Harrt, with a hint of Southwestern style. What is a Ruana? Part shawl, part poncho, but completely warm and cozy–and always available when you need a hug!! Introduction including materials… Read More Harmony Ruana

Helens Doily

Part 3 (final part) available! Enjoy!!! HELEN_S DOILY Part 3 Final ******************** Here is Part 2! Enjoy! HELEN_S DOILY Part 2 Final ******************** Got your hook and yarn ready? What will your pretty creation be–a table centerpiece? – a mandala on your wall? – or a cheery rug under your chair or stool? Have fun… Read More Helens Doily

Bianca Shawl

February 28 The beautiful Bianca pattern has been released!  It is a free pattern from Gea van der Zwaag.  Just look at this amazing shape and border! It will certainly feel great when wearing it and you will get lots of compliments! You can find the whole pattern at this link: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ravelry.com%2Fpatterns%2Flibrary%2Fbianca-sjaal-shawl&h=ATO-mIYU0gb1Z1EQQgMCsguMscYwLgwBqprMQEr03hnwqZiyeV9ZP5GS6UGPZXUjZszhaFrAZGgL_u3Z4WhHHVMbuF2JIMgBPEhfMUmsKA Enjoy making this, and… Read More Bianca Shawl