Tester’s Tips

Is it really Week 3 of our Friends Around the World CAL?  We are so thrilled to have so many of you participating in this extraordinary project.  It’s such a wonderful tribute to our friends and designers who have made our Facebook page a truly special place!  Thank you to all of you!!!

Several questions have surfaced over the past few weeks and while we’ve attempted to answer them on the page, we thought it would be helpful to address them here.

Where are the links to the CAL?

Many designers have contributed designs to this CAL.  We want you to get to know them and visit their blogs.  Some of the patterns will be posted in Ravelry while others will be posted directly in blogs.  Each week we’ll post the designer and pattern links on our page and on the CAL blog.  Most of you have probably discovered that the links can be found in several places.

  1.  On the Facebook page under Events
  2. On the Facebook page under Photo Albums
  3. On the Facebook page under Files
  4. Right here on our blog under the Friends Around the World tab

Why aren’t the squares all measuring 12″?

We’ve seen lots of posts this week wondering about the sizes of the squares.  Ultimately you will want to end up with squares that are all the same size.  Our designers were asked to create squares that were 12″.  Your squares may end up being slightly larger or smaller for a number of reasons.  Hook size, type of yarn and your personal stitch tension will all factor into the size of your square.  Keep in mind that our designers are from all over the world, they each have different styles and the yarn they used may have varied slightly.  Worsted weight is not always worsted weight, if you know what I mean! 😉

So, what do we do about this???

You have a few options to adjust your square.  If it’s too small you can add an extra row or two at the end.  If it’s too large you can eliminate a row.  Another thing you can do is keep an eye on your tension.  Or you can go up or down a hook size.  Personally, I’m going to wait till the end to make any major adjustments.

Laurene, one of our admins, suggested measuring your square as you go along.  She uses this cutting mat with marked measurements to keep an eye on her work.


I used a quilt board (which also works great as a blocking board) to measure my squares.  You can see in the photo below that my Flower Compass is just shy of 12″…even though I added an extra row.  I’ll wait till I’m all finished to see how it sizes up and then determine if I need to add another row.  Of course if you don’t have one of these nifty boards you can always just use a tape measure or ruler!


But isn’t this going to affect stitch counts and joining?

Don’t worry about this for now.  Once we complete all the squares we’ll distribute instructions for making adjustments to join the squares.  Trust us on this one!  We also have a very special border for you but the design is under safe keeping in the vault until the end of the CAL!

Please let us know if you have other questions, either by commenting here or on the Facebook page.

We hope you’re having fun with this CAL.  Keep posting your photos…they are amazing!

See you on the page!


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