Week 8 – Desire

 Welcome to Week 8 of Friends Around the World CAL!!!

Today’s the day! AND the time has come for me to tell you that we have another one of Helens patterns to work on this week!

Below you will find the description and pattern link for week 8.

Today’s square begins with another flower center set off by a row of popcorn stitches. The rest of the pattern uses dc, hdc, dc and tr stitches. The whole square is set off beautifully with two rows of back post tr.

You can find the pattern on Helen’s blog,  Crystals and Crochet/Desire.

This is another wonderfully well written pattern that’s so much fun to make! I’ve learned so many things from Helen these last two weeks! I hope you have too.

Please continue to  post your progress pictures! I can wait to see them!!!

Happy crocheting!


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