Week 11 – Just For Fun!

 It’s  week 11 of the Friends Around the World CAL!!!

This week we are super excited to feature one of our Admins, Lynda Hernández!!! Lynda was a member of CAL, then joined the Spanish Translation Team. She showed great leadership skills so soon it wasn’t long before I asked her to be a team leader. Then, this past January, Lynda became an admin for our group! She has been such an enormous help reorganizing and maintaining our calendar, searching out new CAL’s (I think this is her superpower!!!) I don’t know what I would have done without her help with the “project”. She is also an ever present voice in our admin team, always offering great advice and suggestions. I’m so glad that’s she’s part of our amazing CAL group, translation team and admin team. I’m even happier to call her my friend and a very talented designer.
Lynda came back to crochet after learning it during her childhood. Like many of us, her mom taught her to crochet. She picked her hook back up in 2014 making mainly blankets and ponchos. Now shhe has started to design amigurumis, a circular vest and afghan blocks. She helped Dedri with the translation of Sophie and has also tested patterns for other designers. As you can see Lynda is definitely an over achiever and we love her because of it!
Crochet may be her main hobby but she also likes to go hiking, read and listen to music.
This is the first pattern she has written. But this isn’t the last you’ll see from Lynda! She has a few more designs that need to be polished up, which we are looking forward to featuring in our group soon.

Just For Fun
Lynda’s beautiful Just for Fun Square was pure joy to stitch! You’ll need to pay close attention to the pattern but the unique combinations of the modified puff stitch and dc-tr2tog/tr2tog/tr2dctog will come together for a design that is super fun! You can find the pattern on her Ravelry page here:

Here’s Margaret’s test square version of Just for Fun in Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice.


I loved making this square and I know you will too!

Happy crocheting!



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