Week 12 – Melbourne

Welcome to Week 12 of Friends Around the World CAL!!!

This week Shelley Husband is our featured designer. You might know her from Fran MCAL that’s just wrapping up or from Spincushions. Spincushions, you ask? The name came about because she used to hand sew felt pincushions. But lucky for us crochet is her “current obsession”.

She lives in South West Victoria in Australia and is a mother, wife and, as we know, a brilliant designer. She loves to design blankets and squares. She also loves to have seamless joins – meaning you will never have a ridge or a bump where the squares meet to join. If you’ve watched any of her videos and have seen some of the blankets she’s designed, you will notice that they have a wonderful “flow” about them. This is because she enjoys using cotton yarn. Shelley has also written 4 Ebooks and is planning on others, so stay tuned for more to come!

Shelley has many ways you can follow her: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But you can always find her on Instagram (she loves Instagram).

To find out more about Shelley, check out Spincushions. http://spincushions.com/ Here you will find information about Fran MCAL, her patterns and Ebooks and her newsletter. I’d highly recommend signing up for her newsletter. When doing so, look for the button that will alert you to her new CAL’s. She tries to have one once a year.

Below you will find the description and pattern link for week 12.


Shelly’s design starts out with a fun wagon wheel design. She then incorporates all the basic crochet stitches, dc, hdc, dc and tr to come together for a gorgeous design. Simple, but oh so beautiful!


I really enjoyed making this square!!! I love the way she joins the rounds! It’s sets you up for the next round without any slip stitches to get you where you need to be. Just like her joining of squares, this join is seamless! This pattern is very relaxing to make and one of the reasons I am making Fran MCAL. Well written pattern and so easy to follow! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Week 12: Melbourne


Please post your progress pictures! I can wait to see your work!


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