Week 15 – Andrea

Welcome to Week 15 of Friends Around the World CAL!!!  We’re featuring Carolyn Christmas for a second week!!!! You might know her from Pink Mambo.

Why Pink Mambo? Because “she loves the color pink, and crocheting one step at a time reminds her of dancing the mambo one step at a time. On her blog you will find so many categories for free patterns! Looking for a 12″ squares? 6” squares? Afghans, bags, shawls, slippers? You will find it all and a whole lot more a Pink Mambo.

To find out more about Carolyn you can go to her blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. You can also sign up for Carolyn Christmas design newsletter so you never miss a thing!

Below you will find the description and pattern link for week 15.


If you liked Melanie, you’re going to love Andrea! By now you’ve mastered the Berry Stitch so this square will work up fast and easy. There are more combos of dc and dc to create a square that is “berry” nice!!! 😉

I really enjoyed making both of Carolyn’s square. I am so thankful to have had her guidance in this project and blessed to be able to get to know her over these past months. ❤️

Please post your progress pictures! I can wait to see your work!




8 thoughts on “Week 15 – Andrea

    1. Click on the name just below this sentence – Below you will find the description and pattern link for week 15.


      That will take you to another page… At the bottom you will see the pattern in all different languages… just below at bottom of pattern you will see, “Print PDF”.. click on that to save to your file.


  1. Hi Laurene,
    i have tryed to be a part of the FB group and ask for an invite. But I see it is still not approved after some days now. Did something go wrong?


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