A New CAL with a Twist! Trash to Treasure

13692644_10208538743563685_1056735107908524063_nHow would you like to embark on a creative journey with us????

We are introducing a NEW type of CAL! It’s called Mixed Media-Crocheting Outside the Box. We have many interesting CAL’s planned by new designers that will fit perfectly into this category. These CAL’s will have other, small elements besides crochet. Some examples could be adding beads, wood, fabric and other types of materials to crochet pieces …. stay tuned to find out more…..

To kick off Mixed Media-Crocheting Outside the Box, later this week we will announce the details for our very first DESIGN CHALLENGE called “From Trash to Treasure”. This creative contest is for beginners to advanced crocheters. All that’s required is that you’re up for a challenge and a whole lot of fun!

Rules and regulations:

1. Items to be used in this challenge must be previously loved, treasured, gently used or similar. The item(s)used can be free, found, from a garage sale, a thrift store etc, but it MUST NOT be new. Although it is highly recommended to use things you have on hand, you may however buy new things to fulfill the crochet portion of the challenge. The things that can be new are hooks, yarn, thread, buttons etc. The idea is to upcycle as well as use up what we’ve forgotten we had.

2. Must add crochet to item in some way, shape or form. The crochet addition must either be an original design (designed by you) or a free pattern. You must also document the process. (…..write it down..take pictures along the way….write out the steps and pattern or provide the link to free pattern, write step by step instruction or process etc) ***

3. You will have 8 weeks to create something fabulous! From Trash to Treasure Challenge begins July 1st. Please join the event at the link below.

4. Project to be submitted for judging, via private group, must be turned in by August 30. Absolutely no late entries will be accepted.

5. CAL Group members will be asked to vote on the projects submitted. You will vote by “liking” a picture. No names will be provided during voting. Voting will last 2 weeks. And will end September 14th. We will update you periodically as to which project is in the lead.

6. You may only submit 2 entries to be voted on.

7. Entires must be in good taste and be family friendly. A submission will not be accepted if it does not meet this standard. All entries are subject to admin approval.

8. Winner will be announced on September 15th.

9. Prize: designer will be entered into the “Hall of Fame” and their project will be a future CAL. We will provide testers for the CAL and can be translated as well if the designer wishes.

***NOTE: if using a free pattern, must include the designers name as well as the link to the pattern.***

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