New CAL – Sneak Peek!

Woltraum CALWe are SO excited about this CAL!!! It’s our very first project sponsored by our friends at Wolltraum!!!! While I can’t give away the start date just yet, it will be a 6 week CAL and you will need two cakes of this delicious yarn.  We’re also thrilled to be able to offer this CAL in many different languages.  A big SHOUTOUT to all of our translation teams who are working tirelessly to test and translate the patterns!

You will need two, 7oz cakes of 4 ply  yarn for the CAL. There will be a test “gauge” week so that you can be sure to use the proper hook size to avoid running out of yarn. 
Also, note that all the yarn cake colors are wound two ways.  You can use the yarn from the outside or the inside, your choice.  The photo above is the same colorway, wound opposite. 

For easy shopping, below you will find clickable links for Wolltraum. Just click on the appropriate one and begin browsing. 

Note: The US Rep has extended her sale, especially for us, until August 1st and Canada’s sale is thru September. See below for details.



10% off your entire Wolltraum order until August 1st. Please enter this Coupon Code: CAL10



15% off your entire Wolltraum Order until September. “On Sale” category offers up to 35% off selected bobbles for a limited time.


10% off thru August 14th. Use Coupon Code: CAL2016 at checkout.

All of the above are offering special sales on The Color My World Collection for a limited time.

Some conditions apply. Please see the website for your country of residence for all the details.

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