Week 23 – Cheerful Echinacea

Cheerful Echinacea 1

This week our featured designer is Sari Astrom. She’s  been part of our translation team from the beginning.  Sari and another woman are working very hard to introduce Finland to our world of CAL’s! GASP…..that’s right, Finland is just learning of all the wonderful CAL’s that have been designed. And boy are they in for a treat!

Sari’s grandmother taught her to crochet, knit and sew before she was even school age. She has always done all kinds of handicrafts.. even bobbin lace which she also learned from her grandmother. She had been mostly a knitter but last winter she was bitten by the crochet bug and she fell in love with CAL’s. Besides doing something with her hands she also loves to feel different materials and she adores natural fibers like alpaca, merino, and silk as well as cotton, wool and even nettle fibers. She has always been creative and when it comes to handicrafts, cooking or even gardening. She usually doesn’t follow patterns or even rules, but just does something that inspires her and feeds her creativity. She has published few knitting patterns but this is her very first crochet pattern and she’s really excited about it!. Her grandmother was so proud of her and the pattern when she saw it!! Sari gives all credit to her  thanks to her patient teaching.

Below you will find this week’s description and pattern link. Cheerful Echinacea 2

Cheerful Echinacea

You’re going to use a variety of stitches in this week’s square. From clusters and berry stitches to doubles and back posts…it’s all going to come together to form a spectacular flower that will look like it’s just picked from your garden. Choose 1 color or several, this square is simply gorgeous!

Since the CAL is winding down…only a few weeks left…we’d really love to see how all your squares are coming together.  Let’s see some photos!!!

Happy crocheting!



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