Week 24 – Pearl

Welcome to Week 24 of Friends Around the World CAL!!!

This week our featured designer is Jolanda Verschiere-den Toonder! You may recognize her name from the very popular CAL, currently in progress, Mix N Match CAL! She’s one of the designers of this CAL as well as the Dutch 2015 CAL. Jolanda has also been part of our Dutch Translation Team from the very beginning and was a huge help in establishing it! Jolanda is a talented designer as you will see by this week’s square. But she’s also a wonderful person and one of my favorite Dutchies! We’ve enjoyed many non crochet related conversations where she’s shared so much about the Dutch culture, the Amish, their King and Queen, their yummy food (like stroopwafels!) I love that our group and crochet has brought us all together.

I hope you have met people, as I have,who have brought new and interesting things to your life. Enjoy making this week’s square. Below you will find this week’s description and pattern link.


Diamonds may be a girls best friend but the simple elegance in this week’s square show that you can never go wrong with pearls. The special pearl stitch is used throughout the square. It’s sure to bring you pure joy!

Looking forward to seeing your photos!  Have a great week!

Happy crocheting!



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