Week 25 – Twist and Shout

Twist and ShoutMargaret is our featured designer this week. You all probably recognize her name because she’s been an admin for our group for the majority of the time our group has been around. I met Margaret through our group and because of fleece. Fleece?! Yep that’s right, Margaret and I first connected because we were learning to crochet around fleece. We helped each other master the skill. From there we stayed in touch through this group and became friends.

So as friends tend to do, I asked her a favor…….if she’d like to be a co cap’n on our very popular Pick Your Own Poncho CAL. And shiver me timbers, a ran a tight ship, was a great matey and no one walked the plank (please reread that part, close one eye, stand on your peg leg and use your best pirate voice, thanks….somehow during that MEMBER PICKED CAL we, behind the scenes, adapted our speech/typing pattern to PIRATE, it was a hoot!! The whole experience really brought slot of us closer, all because of a poncho!!! Oh incidentally, she made a beautiful poncho too!! I knew after endured the poncho AND the pirate speak, she was a keeper!!! I knew she’d make an excellent admin and I wasn’t wrong! I’m so glad she agreed and has been around for all of my “hair brained” ideas.  Since she’s been around forever, she’s helped with the Pick Your Own Poncho CAL, Memorial Day CAL, she’s been a tester for many projects, she’s helped us through growing pains and bumps in the road and she’s helped us start and maintain our new blog. Most recently, we have Margaret to thank for naming our 1st Anniversary CAL. We affectionately refer to it as FATW, Friends Around the World. It’s such a brilliant name because it really sums up our entire group. We are from all around the world and even though we are growing larger every day, we are friends. ❤️ She’s also a wonderful and descriptive writer as you might have noticed by the descriptions of each square for FATW, that was Margaret. (Well this week will be me, didn’t seem fair to make her write her own description, right? 😉)

When Margaret is working on admin things for our group, she’s either gardening, crocheting, quilting, gardening, spending time with family, playing with her (mom and son) doggies or gardening. (See where this is going? Lol) She loves, loves, loves to garden! In fact, she started her own blog, long before ours. Take a look, I think you will enjoy it.

Wisconsin Gardenlife

Oh, and be sure to ask Margaret to share her poncho picture as well as her fleece baby set she made! Both are awesome!

When FATW started coming together, Margaret volunteered to design a square. I really think she did a fabulous job!

Below you will find this week’s description and pattern link.

twist 2

At first glance this square looks complicated and as if it’s made corner to corner but it’s actually made side to side. The chains in between the stitches create a twisty look. It’s a fun, easy and fast square. It will look best in two or more colors!
And I bet you will be sing a certain song the rest of the day!!!😉


This is such a fun square!!! By the time you are finished making it you will want to go out dancing! I am making mine into a pillow because my FATW afghan has squares in all 1 color. I can’t wait to see everyone’s square this week!!!!😉

Happy crocheting!



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