Week 26 – Anniversary Square


Well folks, today marks the last day of squares for “Friends Around the World” 1 Year Anniversary CAL. I’m so glad you stuck with us! Today’s square is designed by Jolanda Verschiere-den Toonder. We featured her a couple of weeks back and while we usually had designers squares back to back in consecutive weeks, we felt this one summed up our CAL. It’s appropriately named Anniversary! ❤️

It’s a well written pattern and a beautiful design. It will look great with all our other lovely squares and is the perfect square to end on. ❤️

Below you will find this week’s description and pattern link.


Anniversary square begins as a traditional granny but quickly turns into something extraordinary. Rows of surface slip stitches really highlight the fun combinations of the dc stitches. A really pretty square!

We are really excited about the upcoming border…you’re sure to love it!  Be sure to post photos to our FB page…we love seeing your squares!

Happy Crocheting,



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