Week 28 – Joining your Squares

I hope you have had a productive week and were able to get caught up on making squares for our Anniversary CAL.
As you know, this week is the joining week. We have 26 different squares designed by many, many designers. These squares were specially designed for our CAL! Each is different and unique, just like each of us! Some of us crochet tight, some loose and some in between. Some of us used wool, some acrylic, some cotton and some a blend. These yarns
came from all over the world, are of different weights, many size hooks were used and many different sizes squares were achieved due to all these variables. Additionally, some made all the squares, some made just their favorites, and some added other favorite squares. And just like we all have preferences of yarns, hooks, etc.,  we all have our preferred method of joining.
Long ago I was talking to my dear friend, Helen Shrimpton ,about the best way to join squares. She explained that there are many ways to join squares and that it was really a just a matter of personal preference. She has put together a very comprehensive blog post with a very detailed explanation of how to join squares of different stitch counts. Please read through it, then decide which method best suits you. Here’s the link:
I’ve made 20 squares so my afghan is currently 4 squares wide X 5 squares long. I crochet very loose so my squares are all in the 15″ range. I adjusted my tension as I went along with each square to achieve the same size. I only needed to add 1-2 rounds on 2 squares and I did not adjust the squares to all have the same stitch count. I am using the Mattress Stitch method of joining which requires yarn and a yarn needle. I currently have 10 of my 20 squares joined and it’s working out perfectly according to Helens directions.
I was a little intimidated about joining different stitch count squares in the beginning, but really it couldn’t be easier (and I’m not a fan of joining squares, it’s all the ends to sew in really!) But it was a great experience! I learned something new, got over the fear of joining and am now able to join ANY squares together, no matter the stitch count, with my newfound skill. Thank you Helen!!! ❤️

Please feel free to ask questions regarding the join. There is always someone around to lend a helping hand.  And please don’t miss next Tuesday for our final and very special installment of FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD 1 Year Anniversary CAL. It’s the border! You won’t want to miss it!!!
Please post a picture once you have all of your squares joined. I CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW THEY LOOK!!!!

Happy Crocheting!



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