Week 29 – Banksia Border and That’s a Wrap!


Don’t you just hate it when something special has to end? Like the last day of vacation or a  visit from an old friend. That’s how we feel about the end of this CAL. What an amazing time we’ve had but we’re not quite done yet!  We are over the moon excited to present the border for Friends Around the World by none other than Dedri Uys!  We couldn’t think of a better ending to this CAL. Dedri brought so many of us together with Sophie’s Universe so it was a perfect way to wrap up our CAL.

Dedri’s Banksia Border is simply loaded with lacy loveliness. 9 rows of border showcase the exquisite detail that Dedri is known for. You’ll be using sc, hoc, dc, dc2tog, BP and chain stitches to create the beautiful lace effect. A perfect border to set off your Friends Around the World blanket!


The border will be available in several languages but we are still working on some translations so please be patient just a little bit longer. And of course post your photos on our Facebook group page!  We’re so anxious to see your completed blankets!

So there you have it! This is sadly our final CAL post but definately not goodbye. We will continue to use the blog to bring you new patterns, designers, tools and techniques. Please stop back again soon!
Happy Crocheting,



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