Manual Creativity Fair in Turin – Day 2

So I am following up on yesterday’s posting regarding the creativity fair going on in Lingotto, Torino, Italia.  Here is our friend Lucilla, a little bit tired, but exhilarated about how well it went yesterday and today.  She has been quite busy in teaching others the art of crocheting.  Looking at her pictures, I am sure it went very well.  She does marvelous work, her own creations and people are probably flocking over to her booth C11.


It is amazing how she can be in Italy, and I am in the USA, and despite the time differences and distance, we can chat about what is going on there.   Here are some more pictures that she is able to send, in between her busy teachings.  Look at all the beautiful, hand made items that are available from all different vendors/artisans.  Grazie, Lucilla!

In speaking with Lucilla, I told her I desperately want to be there.  She said there is another one coming up after mid September.  Get set folks, stay tuned for further dates and if you cannot get there today or tomorrow, there is always another time.

Ciao, a presto!


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