Manual Creativity Fair in Turin, Italy Day 3

Last day for the manualmente fair, hand made items, in Lingotto, Torino, Italy is today, April 9th.  There are not as many people there today as the last couple of days, as it is Palm Sunday.  As you have read from previous posts, our contact there is a member and designer from our group, Lucilla Alfano from Uncinetto & Amigurumi.  She has been graciously sending us pictures from the exposition center and here are the latest.

Check out the gorgeous purses her friend has created, as well as the rest of the beautiful items in other sections.  As mentioned earlier, Lucilla has been holding Amigurumi workshops.   Her enthusiasm is contagious and everyone walks away with a completed project.  So sweet!

I did a little research on the location of this Exposition and learned that it was once a Fiat factory and even has a racetrack on its roof.  A scene from the movie an Italian Job was filmed there.  Pretty interesting.  You can read about it at:

I was actually in Lingotto 5 years ago, but did not get to see this place.  Next time, for sure.  Here is a view from where I visited.

Alas for now, Good bye/Arriverderci Torino.  I leave you with these pictures from there today, my cousins baking their traditional Easter breads, and a typical dish from the Piedmont region.

We hope to bring you more information on other fairs from around the world.  Something is cooking up in the Netherlands, on May 30th and June 30th.  One at Rosan in Brummen and one at Jeanet in Arnemuiden.  If you know of any in your area, please let us know so that we can share creativity around the globe.



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