Amigurimi Project 2…Lil’ Troll



The Lil Troll pattern has been published. Please head over to Ravelry and download the pattern He’s sooooo cute!! I can’t wait to start mine.

+++ UPDATE+++  0528-2017
Part 2 of this cutie is uploaded, please scroll down in ravelry downloads pop-up screen to find your language.


Don’t forget to go to the event page and post progress pictures too.



Will you look at this darling troll!  The minute I saw his pointy red hat, I was in love!

Sandra, who designed the troll, was inspired by a story told to her by a Swedish friend. He told her about a curious, mythical creature called a Tomte. According to Scandinavian folklore, the Tomte protected farmers from evil and misfortune who would leave food outside the house for him to keep him happy.   It was never a good idea to offend the Tomte as he has a short temper and would bring about mischief and misfortune if mistreated.  The Tomte would remain on farms protecting them from generations to generations.

Sandra found a few patterns for knitted, felted or crocheted Tomtes.  We are super excited that she is sharing her version for the second CAL in our Amigurimi CAL series.

Our Ami CAL continues on May 23rd* with the adorable Lil’ Troll designed by Sandra Kuijer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sandra has been knitting and crocheting since she was a young girl. She started out with simple white cotton yarn, jumped right in and gave it many tries till she got the hang of it. Now, years later, she’s opened up her own yarn shop, Hooks and Yarn, with a friend in Amsterdam!

Sandra used Scheepjes Catona yarn for her troll.  Our testers used a variety of other types of yarn which are all perfectly suitable for this project.  Just remember to go down at least one hook size.  You want your amigurimi to have a tight tension.

I personally can’t wait to get started on Lil’ Troll, especially his beard!  This will be a new technique and you’re probably as curious as I am to see how Sandra creates his fluffy face!

Lil’ Troll will be released in 3 parts and will be available in multiple languages.  The pattern will be available in Ravelry.  Watch our Facebook page for the link to the release of part 1 on the 23rd.

Be sure to join the Lil’ Troll event so you can ask questions and keep up with on this CAL!



*Note:  this CAL was originally scheduled for May 16th however we have had to postpone it by one week.  The CAL will begin on May 23rd.

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