The Penny Collection Series

I’d like to introduce The Penny Collection Series as well as it’s designer, Sandy Walker.  The Penny Collection Series is comprised of numerous Afghan CAL’s. Many of these afghans use Tunisian Crochet.  The designer, Sandy Walker, has named each and every one of the afghans she’s designed after her Mother (What a surprise, her name was Penny!) who taught her to crochet when she was a little girl.

Please read a little more about Sandy below. I’m sure you will find her fun,  interesting and a talented designer just as I have! ❤️

The Penny Collection …  

a series of blankets in honour of my Mom

by Sandy Walker

The Penny Drops is the first blanket in “The Penny Collection”, named for my mother. She could knit and crochet with the precision and speed of a machine and would have loved being recognized as a fibre artist.

Her favourite compliment was “It doesn’t look homemade.” This was at a time when handmade was considered inferior to store bought and meant that you could not afford to shop. She almost always worked with incredibly fine yarn and I finally understood why. I can remember her putting wool on layaway at a department store because she could not afford to purchase the same dye lot all at once. Finer yarn meant that she could knit or crochet for longer periods of time. She continued creating beautiful pieces of “heART well into her eighties.

She was a wonderfully patient and encouraging teacher, who would “fix” my mistakes and never failed to take the project a bit further along so I never got frustrated. Penny believed her greatest piece of fibre art was the wedding gown she made for me in 1976. We will celebrate our 41st anniversary on May 15, 2017. I made the matching shawls.



Fast forward 40 or so years and the idea of “stitch it forward”. Purrfect aMEWSments was established to provide handcrafted “hats and toys furr cats” and “togs furr dogs” to animal rescue groups for fundraising activities.

My mission has always been to encourage other talented crafters to support animal rescue groups by using their skills “to make a difference”. There is a gallery of pics and some basic patterns on This is NOT a business, I sell nothing, donate everything.


I learned more about shaping crochet pieces doing these toys and hats than I thought possible. I now look at food magazines in a whole new way!  I think “cat toy” and the result is crocheted pizza, calzones, cookies, cupcakes and veggies.

Inspired by the Bonnie Barker Holiday Throw CAL and especially the Darla Sims books “99 Crochet Post Stitches” and “63 Crochet Cable Stitches”, I designed some crochet blankets. I have always loved Tunisian crochet and have made hundreds of blankets with “bobble” designs, lettering and colour blocking. I adapted some of the crochet post stitch patterns for Tunisan and the outcome was “The Penny Drops”.
The response on FB was incredibly positive and I was invited to do a CAL. This necessitated making another blanket to work out the “kinks”, document what I did and have testers follow and critique the pattern so that others could complete the project. Testing is complete and the pattern is ready for the launch.

Thank you to the very patient and detail oriented “testers” who provided their own yarn and hours of time to make this CAL possible.

The next blankets in the Tunsian series are Pennywise (a great stash buster) and a baby version, Halfpenny. They are already in testing and I can hardly wait to share these designs.

Cheers to moms everywhere!
Sandy Walker

If you haven’t done so already, please join our Facebook CAL – Crochet A Long

Then you will be able to sign up for this event so that you don’t miss a single CAL in this series. Here’s the event link:

Click here to join Facebook Event

The first CAL will be coming out in several weeks and will be called The Penny Drops.

Please stay tuned for more info. ❤️


8 thoughts on “The Penny Collection Series

  1. The facebook link is broken or has been removed. Help! Have a wonderful day

    On Sun, May 14, 2017 at 12:12 PM, CROCHET A LONG with us! wrote:

    > laurenelb posted: “I’d like to introduce The Penny Collection Series as > well as its designer, Sandy Walker. The Penny Collection Series is > comprised of numerous Afghan CAL’s. Many of these afghans use Tunisian > Crochet. The Designer, Sandy Walker, has named each and every ” >


  2. Can’t wait to see what all the patterns look like. Love the pictures of your wedding dress. What a family treasure. My late uncle had crocheted my cousin’s wedding dress and my Aunt made her veil. They are being handed down in the family.

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  3. I tried to sign up for the Facebook event and it couldn’t be found. The things you make and do are beautiful and I don’t want to miss the event please help me with the link. Thank you


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