Tunisian Crochet Hook Set GIVEAWAY

*******UPDATE: 6/21/17*******

Just a quick announcement……

We have a WINNER for week 2!!!!!!  Marijke was the first to complete week 2 of The Penny Drops CAL by Sandy Walker!

It’s not to late…..you have 4 more opportunities to win!!! Get started today! He next pattern release is is Saturday, June 17th.

If you’d like more info on the giveaway, please give this a read, it contains the contest rules.




Week 1: Penny Jo

Week 2: Marijke

Week 3: ?

Week 4: ?

Werk 5: ?


Hello fellow CAL’ers!!! As you know Tunisian Crochet patterns are becoming increasingly popular in recent months. Tunisian Crochet is not new, it is in fact a reemerging technique. To celebrate this and help spread the love of this recently “taken off the shelf and dusted off” technique,  the time has come to tell you about a VERY special giveaway!!

Sandy Walker, the designer of all the patterns in The Penny Collection Series and CAL – Crochet A Long will be giving away a set of Tunisian Crochet hooks each week of the The Penny Drops CAL which begins today, June 10th!

Here are the rules, the must be followed exactly in order to win.

1. You must be a member of CAL – Crochet A Long.

2. You must be “going” to The Penny Drops EVENT.

3. You MUST post a full front AND back picture of your crocheted The Penny Drops WIP in order to qualify.  YES, ends MUST be sewn in.

4.. You MUST be the very first person to post a completed week to qualify for that weeks giveaway. (see rule #3)

5. Admins and testers for this CAL are not able to participate in the giveaway.

We will give away 1 set of hooks each week of The Penny Drops CAL. You may only win ONCE.

You will find CAL – Crochet A along here:


Please join then join the event.

You will find CAL ‘s event for The Penny Drops CAL here:


You will find the pattern here:


I hope you enjoy this CAL and Tunisian Crochet as much as I do!



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