Drum Roll Please…It’s the Penny Drops Afghan CAL!

*******UPDATE  7/8/17*******

You can find part 5 of this gorgeous blanket here:


Do not forget to share your pics of your blankets!

Have fun!!!

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Week 1:


Week 2:


Week 3:


Week 4:


Week 5:



So many of you have been anxiously awaiting the start of the new Penny Collection.  We are so excited to let you know that Penny Drops if just about ready for release!  The final touches are being put on the various language translations as we speak!  Woo hoo!!!

If you’re looking for an afghan/blanket that is going to make people stop and take notice, then you won’t want to miss this CAL! Penny Drops is the first pattern in the Penny Collection by Sandy Walker and will begin on June 10. Named after her mother, Penny, these designs are done with the Tunisian crochet technique. Penny, a true fiber artist, encouraged Sandy to crochet as a child. Her most prized creation was Sandy’s wedding dress. Check Sandy’s bio on her blog for photos!

We are thrilled to offer Sandy’s collection as a CAL! She has masterfully adapted some crochet post stitch patterns for her Penny Drops afghan. Whether you’re an experienced Tunisian crocheter or looking for something to wet your feet, this pattern is for you!!! For a more detailed introduction and a supply list to Penny Drops, click here for Sandy’s bog,   Perfect aMEWSments.

Again, this CAL will begin June 10. Hurry to get your supplies ready today!



Happy Crocheting!


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