A Winter in Chicago…Double the Fun!


Information and Supply List PDF added 8/13/17



UPDATE:  Part 1 has been released.



Ever spent a winter in Chicago? I have, and I’m here to tell you that there is good reason why they call it the Windy City! Combine that wind with some snow and sub freezing temps and you have a great excuse for curling up on the couch with your favorite blanket and a good book!

Our latest CAL, Double the Fun, is no doubt going to become that favorite blanket. So much so, that you’ll probably end up making several of them. It’s super simple and fun to do. Our own Laurene has designed this great crochet border fleece blanket to keep you warm on even the chilliest days! Double the Fun is the first in our new series of crochet/fleece blankets that uses the skip stitch rotary cutter
Blade. It fits right in to your rotary cutter. Let me tell you, this tool has changed my life. It makes quick work of cutting the holes around the edges of the fleece.

There are various brands available all over the web and in stores like Joann, Walmart, Michaels and of course, Amazon. Here’s a heads up to the other supplies you’ll need:

Cutting mat
Straight edge (the longer the better)
Rotary cutter (45 mm)
Regular blade (45 mm)
Skip stitch blade-45mm (wide tooth only)
2 colors of fleece (any size is fine)
Coordinating yarn (2-3 colors or more – most testers used used 3 colors)img_2702-2

We’ll give you more details when we post the CAL Intro right here on Saturday. But be sure to add the following dates to your calendar so you don’t miss the fun!

Info: Aug. 11th
Part 1: Aug.18th
Part 2: Aug. 21st
Part 3: Aug. 24th
Part 4: Aug. 27th

See you Saturday!


Info/Supply List: Aug. 11
Part 1: Aug 18
Part 2: Aug 21
Part 3: Aug 24
Part 4: Aug 24




5 thoughts on “A Winter in Chicago…Double the Fun!

  1. I am interested in your CAL, but have a quick question before buying supplies. The instructions call for fleece, but the photo is flannel. Very different fabrics!! Which is correct?


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