Jeans Flower Stole

Remember the blog posting about the fair in Torino?  Well, the very talented designer Lucilla Alfano will graciously share her beautiful Jeans Flower Stole pattern with you all on her Facebook page Uncinetto & Amigurumi VERY Soon!  We are excited to introduce this very beautiful, and multi-textured shawl to you. Beginning on September 20 and lasting for a total of 5 weeks.


Be sure to join our facebook group event.  If you are not already a member of CAL, submit your request to join.  In addition to this beauty, you will find many marvelous patterns to keep you quite busy and happy.

More pictures and details will follow.  In the meantime, gather some yarn, fabric and beads.  The pattern will work well with most yarns and any color.  There are five parts, which are translated in many languages, so where ever you are around the globe, you can follow along.

Can’t wait to see all the beautiful combinations you all come up with, so be sure to show your progress each week.  I know I will be making one too!

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