Jeans Flower Stole Part 3


At this point, the body of your stole will be complete and it looks beautiful already.  However, you are about to embellish it to make it even more exquisite by adding the fabric flowers.  Pay careful attention to the pattern, and take your time.  The details are surely worth the effort.  Here is a beautiful job done by one of our testers, Shaz.

You will find the link to the pattern on the designer’s Facebook Page

as well as in our files to download.  See below:



Jeans Flower Stole Part 3 Swedish

Jeans Flower Stole Part 3 Danish

Jeans Flower Stole Part 3 English

Jean Flower Stole Part 3 FRENCH translation

Jeans Flower Stole Part 3 Hebrew

Brava, Lucilla!  Beautiful shawl for us to enjoy.

There are still 2 more parts to go for a total of 5 parts.  Your shawl will be enhanced even more.

Please share your progress.  We would love to see your work.

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