Pollyanna Poncho by Marilyn Le Breton

These past weeks have gone so fast and we hope you have been making great progress on your Poncho. The final part is now available for you using the link below.

Please feel free to add your pics to our event in our group too.

Are you all ready for part 2? Let’s begin. The link is at the bottom where you can find the file to get started.

Have fun and send us your pics.

Welcome to our next addition to our CAL family. This is absolutely gorgeous and would make a great addition to almost any outfit from smart to casual.

DK/ Worsted yarn has been used but you could use other yarn too although it would change the size of the finished poncho.

It’s in three parts starting with the first part on 4th November. Links to the parts will be available here each week from that date. Please share you pictures with us along your crochet journey.

It’s time to gather supplies and start the first part of  you Pollyanna Poncho. If your weather is cold like mine where I live then this will be ideal for you. It keeps you warm as you work on it too.

Please add your pics to our Facebook Group so that we can follow your progress too.


Pollyanna Poncho Parts 1, 2 and 3

Pollyanna bio intro


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