Shawl of Muis


The final part, part 4 has now been released.  What a beautiful shawl this has turned out to be!  Thank you to the designer, Marjolein Kooiman for sharing her pattern.  Don’t let the idea of Tunisian crochet intimidate you, there are some video tutorials within the pattern that will help you with the stitches.  If you are working on this shawl, please make sure to share your pictures.

The link to part 4 is the same as below, so click onto part 3 here and find each week posted.   Enjoy your beautiful shawl!

Part 3 has been released.  Such a beautiful shawl with lots of interesting stitches!   Here is the link to all parts:

Be sure to show us your progress pictures so far.

Ready for Part 2?  There are some seriously beautiful stitches here.

Can’t wait to see some progress pictures.  Be sure to post on the event page.

Here is link to download:  Parts 1 and 2 are there in case you have not started one yet.–khtBQnkwo_Jte56on_fcVLNMYR4OkIzYFmXqokR_DcMy1kjx5hzZRLe6TCYbQRuNgamPEPRiGods6H8ZROFmOlNb9cA

Ta daaa!  Introducing, Shawl of Muis.  A beautiful shawl created by Marjolein Kooiman,  using Tunisian crochet, a technique she has beautifully perfected.  You will surely enjoy the warm and cozy feeling it promises.

The CAL will begin on November 8, consists of 4 parts and ends on November 29. Another amazing gift you can get ready for upcoming holidays, to give away, or gift to yourself.

Here are the links to the designer’s bio as well as all the information you need to get the materials.  Be sure to read her bio, and be inspired by her gorgeous works.

Introducing myself

Shawl of Muis – info – Eng

Make sure you join the event and meet here again on November 8.

November 8 – Here we are again!  Happy to say Part 1 is released.  You can find the beginnings of this beautiful shawl here.  Such creativity!!

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