IMG_3901.JPGDo you have a friend going through chemo? A relative in the hospital? A homebound neighbour? Or know someone going through a rough time?
Ever wished you could do something to help make them feel that they aren’t alone and loved?

Today we introduce a new series of Crochet Alongs. They can be made and given individually or as a set at the end. All are designed to bring a hug and a bit of healing.
“Hugs For Healing” starts next Friday November 3. The first item is a beatiful Prayer Heart designed by Mimi Decluze.

Please take a minute and read Mimi’s biography then head over to Ravelry and check out the supply list so you can garher up your supplies.

Mimi’s bio:
I am an organizational and process consultant specializing in non-profit and church planning and transitions. Creative crafter, bread baker, spouse, grandmother, life-long learner.
I learned crochet in my early teens and I have crocheted many items for family and friends. A few years ago, while rebuilding my consulting business after a move, I was sorting through bins of sewing and craft supplies. One pattern caught my eye – a heart motif. I made a few and liked them. Then a friend lost her father in a tragic traffic accident and another friend was facing a health crisis. One morning I sat down to pray and picked up my thread – the hearts became “prayer-hearts”. I enclosed each heart with this prayer – “May the prayers in each stitch lift you, support you, comfort and heal you.”
Last spring, I was meditating on the complexity of my life, how intertwined it is with others. I picked up my thread and started some freeform crochet in two colors. As I continued it evolved into a somewhat ruffled heart. The next heart was made during Lent with dark and light thread and a more consistent form. This spring color heart was the first time I had really paid attention to the “pattern” I was creating. I am pleased to share this journey and gift with all of you. May these hearts bless you and those you make them for.
Mimi lives on the eastern-shore of Maryland with her husband and near her parents and extended family.

More information and supplies list can be found here.

If you haven’t already, please join our group CAL – Crocher A Long:

The  join the event so that you can post your progress pictures:

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