Bilbie and Friends CAL Relaunch

UPDATE: 2/11/18

Welcome to Week 14 of Bilbie & Friends!

This week we will be making the border which consists of crosses and X’s. You will be able to make as few or as many rounds of the border as you’d like to make the Afghan a big as you need it. You will find all links below. I hope you had fun learning toake cables! Thank you for participating in this CAL! ❤️




(Week 13)

This week we will be making a border on each individual block. This was not included in past weeks patterns. This is an extension of the block.  You will find all the previous weeks below. ENJOY!



(Week 12)

This week we will be making Owls and the tree they live in!!!  We will be using all the skills we learned in previous weeks to make this block! I can’t wait to make make mine! The links to this and all past weeks are below. Have fun crocheting!




(Week 11)

Iris cables is created in an a simply way. This square is made differently from previous blocks…’ll see 😉 ALL important links are below as usual  Have fun this week! ❤️



(Week 10)

Varda Cables is the block we are working on this week. To me it looks like a bird in flight. When you look left to right, I can see the upwards and downwards motion of the wings flapping. It’s a nice relaxing pattern for you to work. Enjoy making this one and as always, all  the links are listed below. ❤️




(Week 9)

This week we are making Sharon N Cables. It’s a little more complex than last weeks pattern. Take your time and pay close attention to stitch placement and which stitches you skip.  You can do it, you will be very happy with the end result! As always, the links to all patterns are below. Enjoy! ❤️




(Week 8)

This week is a neat block. It consists of 3 sets of cables. Inside of each cable hides a little cluster making a very interesting effect. Enjoy making Micki Cables and please be sure to post your progress pictures. All the links to this and all previousvwerks patterns are found below.




(Week 7)

we are half way through this fun CAL. We will be making Mayaan Cables which has cables that very much resemble Pippie Longstocking’s braids. The link to this weeks block and all past blocks are listed below. This is a great pattern, one you will surely enjoy making! ❤️ Please be sure to post your progress pictures.




(Week 6)

This week we will be making Karen Cables. These cables look a lot like a fancy fishermens knots or like  macrame to me. There is a winding and weaving in this weeks block but our lovely designer,  Sarit, makes this seemingly difficult pattern easy as can be. The link to this weeks block and all past blocks are listed below. Have fun making weeks pattern and be sure to post your progress pictures.




(Week 5)

This week we will be working crosses between the cables. The block is called Michal Cables.  I think it look very much like good friends holding hands. Take your time so you get every stitch right, it will look fabulous when you are done ! ❤️ The link to this weeks block and all past blocks are listed below. Enjoy this weeks pattern and be sure to post your progress pictures.




(Week 4)

This week we are working on a block called Sharon G Cables. The block has 5 cables. A main centerpiece and 2 sets of figure 8’s on either side of it. It’s a fun and easy block to make. See, making cables isn’t as hard as you might have thought.  😉 Hope you a are enjoying this CAL. The links to the pattern, Sarit’s blog and Facebook group can be found below.




(Week 3)

This week we will be revisiting a stitch learned in week 2, the Double Front X Stitch. I find it interesting how you can do the same stitch in a different way and get a much different result. This weeks block, Rozi Cable, is a perfect AND beautiful example of just that!  I really enjoyed making this block  I hope you do too! The link to this weeks block and all other important links are located below. Have fun! ❤️




(Week 2)

The name of this weeks block is called Rotem. It’s a very pretty pattern that uses the same type of stitch, just in different ways. The affect looks very  intricate but is really very easy.  All the links are located below. Enjoy crocheting this beautiful block.  ❤️




(Week 1)

Well today’s the day!!! Bilbie & Friends begins (again)!!!  In case you didn’t know, this CAL is the VERY 1st Israeli CAL! How cool is that?!?   I’m so happy that our group was able to be part of this exciting moment in  CROCHETING history.

Sarit has always loved cables and she knew that some folks might be intimidated by them or think they are to hard to make. This is why she’s designed Bilbie & Friends. Her goal was to show everyone that making beautiful and seemingly difficult cables was well within their reach. She has accomplished JUST THAT!! I had never done ANY cables before Bilbie and sure enough, I was able to to with Sarit’s well written, easy to follow patterns and you will be too.

Shes named her afghan pattern and CAL after Pipi Longstocking and her braids.  Bibie is the Hebrew word for cables and braids, (just one word for both). The “&  Friends” part of the title represents the ladies in her crochet group. They inspire her and they’ve become a crochet family through their time together. She wanted to honor them so she named  squares after them (name of a square=name of a lady in her crochet group). Today’s square is named Maayan D. You will find the pattern at the below links.



Important Links


Sarit’s Blog:


Sarit’s Facebook Page:

Facebook – Hatchalotsarit (in Hebrew)

Facebook – Hatchalot Simply Create  (in English)

Week 1:

Ravelry  – Maayan D Cables 

Week 2:

Ravelry – Totem Cables

Week 3:

Ravelry – Roxi Cables

Week 4:

Ravelry – Sharon G Cables

Week 5:

Ravelry – Michal Cables

Week 6

Ravelry – Karen Cables

Week 7

Ravelry – Maayan G Cables

Week 8

Ravelry – Miki Cables

Week 9

Tavelry Sharon N Cables

Week 10

Ravelry Varda Cables

Week 11

Ravekry – Iris Cables

Week 12

Ravelry- Owls Cables

Week 13

Ravelry – Cables Edging

Week 14

Ravelry – Cable Border

I hope you love this pattern as much as I do. PLEASE post your progress pictures on our group wall and on the event wall. If you have any questions, just ask. There is always someone around to offer a helping hand.

❤️  ENJOY!!!❤️

12924553_10153597281501973_8933711435196907164_n   22882399_1371504372971383_1050263133_o

So happy to hear that this gorgeous afghan, with its amazing cables will be relaunched as a CAL.  The very popular Bilbie and Friends is back!!  Created by Sarit Grinberg, this amazing, 12 block afghan will be sure to satisfy your curiosity and desire for cables.

Each block will be released weekly, and the final two parts will be the edging and border.  The pattern is written in 8 languages!  Hebrew, French, Dutch, Englisn, Swedish, Spanish, Danish and German.  Friends from all around the world will be able to make this and feel united with each other.

If you are not already a member of our group, you may join at

CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group

then, be sure to join the event, which begins on November 12 with the first block.

Bilbie & Friends Event

Here is the blanket in all its glory.  You can use a different color for each block, or even do it al in one color.  The choice is up to you.  The lovely designer, Sarit is showing what finished size looks like, and that is quite substantial.

Be sure to check in weekly on Sundays for the next block and final finishings.

November 12✅                    December 24✅                    February 4✅

November 19✅                    December 31✅                    February 11✅

November 26✅                     January 7✅

December 3✅                       January 14✅

December 10✅                     January 21✅

December 17✅                    January 28✅

Now we start with the introduction and Ravelry Page.  (keep in mind that this is a relaunch)–friends-blanket-cal-2016&h=ATOWpOO4y1eWHFY9KgfYTYcSlrLJ5UGNHMobDlZXYd9hyI465YVDks-i_2zGEjevKN8cEmB2kCQUIM8pR5VAOht9xgL1DlL4m1jiOTn2R81PbYKmLeLdDAgO0nbsz5tOUe29SZeklXc1

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