Pontu, A Very Good Dog!

I have dogs.  Two dogs to be exact…two BIG dogs.  And if you know anything about dogs, they have needs; needs like going outside several times a day.  No big deal when the weather is pleasant but if you live where I live, (Wisconsin, USA)…well, let’s just say this winter has been a challenge.

Enter, Pontu! The puppy whose only need is to be loved!  Isn’t he the most adorable thing??!!!  I mean, just look at that face!  Surely, you or someone you love would love to snuggle up with him on a cold winter’s night!


Continuing with our Ami series, Pontu is our latest design, created by our youngest designer from Estonia, Liisa Ady Oks.  Liisa is an enthusiastic crafter who started crocheting in 2013.  With her interests in art–she has been drawing her whole life– it didn’t take long before she started designing patterns for herself.  Liisa is also an avid reader and hopes you fall in love with Pontu as much as we have! You can see more of Liisa’s designs on her blog here: Kirju kui Liblikas/A 15 Year Old Artsy Craftsy Girl

The pattern for Pontu will be released in 3 parts beginning Tuesday, January 23rd.  The introduction, including supplies and project description will be available on Liisa’s Ravelry page today! Click here:  Ravelry/Liisa Oks/Pontu.

Woof, woof…I mean, enjoy!


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