Rita the Rhino


     Lovely Rita…the Rhino!  Rita is an adorable creature that designed by Mikkel Beck Hansen from Denmark.  Mikkel is thrilled to offer his pattern for Rita as a CAL beginning on February 20, 2018.  The CAL will run for 5 weeks.  You can find specifics including yarn and hook requirements below.  Be sure to sign up for the CAL on our Facebook group page CAL – Crochet A Long/Rita the Rhino Event where you can ask questions and post pics of your own Rita!

     We asked Mikkel for his “crochet story”…here’s what he shared with us.

“My name is Mikkel, 30-year-old guy, living in Denmark, Herning, and I’m a self-taught amigurumi and crochet geek. I have been crocheting since 2012, and I love it! The reason why I started crocheting, was because of a friend of mine. She was trying to crochet herself, but she didn’t have the patience to learn. Then she said to me – why don’t you learn and find out how difficult it is! Challenge accepted!
I started learning by using YouTube, blogs and books, and within a few attempts I was attracted to this craft! I have always been very creative, painting, building, etc., but when I discovered the art of amigurumi I was sold.
I created my blog, working on and sharing my love for this craft, and one day I started to make my own patterns. Slowly the number of followers grew, and people wanted more.
I made patterns and I received a lot of recognition, and fell in love with creating my own designs. Today I have a procedure, going from idea to the finish product. At first, I’m drawing my idea, then trying to crochet, altering, writing, and much more – it is so awesome!
Rita the Rhino is one of my first patterns – and I’m still in love with her this day. She has since I made her, only been available to the Danish crocheters – but now she will be available to people around the world, to create and love, like I do!
Big thanks go to all the people behind this CAL! Without these people this Rita the Rhino CAL, wouldn’t have been possible!
Thanks goes to Stine Johansen, who made me aware of the CAL-Crochet A Long group. Thanks also to Laurene L. Bluder for making this possible, Massiel Lago and the other people who translated the pattern!  Especially a big thanks to Aprille Collar – a very patient woman who started the first tests. She has been so kind to answer all my questions, even though I sometimes didn’t understand 😉  Thank you to all the testers, translators and everybody else who helped me through this CAL and made it possible.”

You can find me, my patterns and more on:
My blog: unkeldesign
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/unkeldesign/
On Instagram: @unkeldesign

Mikkel Beck Hansen

CAL at a glance
Start date: 20th February 2018
Release time: 10.00 hrs
Duration: 5 parts – weekly
Languages: English
Terms: US
Chart: No
Video: No
Hosted by: CAL – Crochet A Long
Skill level: All levels
Stitches used: Magic ring, chain, slip stitch and single crochet.
Supplies: 100% Cotton yarn, stuffing, stitch markers and needle for sewing.
Yarn weight: Cotton weight 8/4
Yarn amount: Grey – 40grms, Natural – 15grms and a small amount of black and white.
Hook size: 2.5mm
Gauge: Not important
Finished size: dependent on gauge
Link to blog for more info: 
Unkeld Design/Rita the Rhino

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