The Warmth Shawl


March 14, 2018

Here is the final part, the gorgeous border.  This is truly a beautiful shawl, perfect for all the upcoming Spring events.  Please share your finished photos with us.  We would love to see how they are all turning out.

The link below, Aminata Ndiaye’s Ravelry page Hook of Love, has been updated to include part 2.

March 7, 2018

Part 1

Get set to begin your beautiful shawl and start to feel the Warmth!  The first part has been released at Aminata Ndiaye’s Ravelry page.  Be sure to read the introduction below to join the event, and find the link to part 1 here:

Don’t forget to share your progress pictures.

Stay tuned for part 2 and finishing, next week.


Introducing…  The gorgeous Warmth Shawl by Aminata Ndiaye.  I have always loved the pineapple look, and this shawl really caught my eye and interest.  It would definitely make a great gift for a special woman, and Mothers’ Day is coming up.  The pattern will be released in two parts on her Ravelry page.  The first part on March 7 will be the body, and the second part on March 14 will be the border.  That border itself sure is stunning!

Here is what you will be needing before you begin your shawl:

Material needed for The-Warmth-Shawl

Aminata, a very creative lady,  tells us a little bit about herself, and how this shawl came about.

Bio and Intro Warmth Shawl

So, be sure to join the event and share your photos there when you complete each part.

Event Link: CAL Facebook Event


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