Harmony Ruana

Part 3 and final!! Follow this link to complete this lovely and cozy project! (If you are just able to start now, scroll down to find the Intro and Part 1 & 2.)

Harmony Ruana Part 3


Part of our Hugs for Healing series–projects designed as a special “pick-me-up” for a friend, relative or yourself.

This Ruana is designed by Kristin Pretzer Harrt, with a hint of Southwestern style. What is a Ruana? Part shawl, part poncho, but completely warm and cozy–and always available when you need a hug!!

Introduction including materials list is available here:

Harmony Ruana Intro

Harmony Ruana Part 1

Harmony Ruana Part 2

And don’t forget to sign up for the event on Facebook here: Harmony Ruana Facebook Event

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