The Hug

There’s the bear hug, the air kiss hug, the passionate “I love you” hug, and the “so great to see you” hug…there’s the “good job” hug, the “I’m sorry” hug and the “get well soon”.  So many hugs for so many circumstances!  Of all the different types of hugs, I think my favorite is the simple squeeze you get from a good friend for no particular reason.  But what if someone in your life is having the blues and you just can’t be there to give them a hug? Like when your mom is having a stress filled day or your best friend is having relationship problems? That’s when a crochet afghan hug takes over!  A blanket, handmade with love is just the ticket!

Enter the Hug CAL.  It’s a delightful, granny square afghan originally designed in two colors for a dramatic effect.  Although you’ll see, below, that the pattern also lends itself to using multiple colors and would make a great stash busting afghan.


The Hug CAL was designed by Judie Huhn Benson.  A patient neighbor taught her to knit when she was 12, but when she was 19, she found herself working in an office where of the 60 women who worked there, 59 crocheted!  They would crochet on lunch breaks and it didn’t take long for Judie to pick it up.  Little did she know how crocheting and lots of hugs would save her sanity.

Judies’s son, Brian, had Hemophilia.  Every trip to the ER meant a 4 hour wait and they sometimes went 4-6 nights a week. She got a lot of crocheting done while passing the time! Sadly, Brian eventually lost his fight with Hemophilia and Hodgkins Lymphoma so Judie designed The Hug blanket in dedication of his memory.  These days she tells everyone that the afghans are a hug from the person who gives it to them.  Judie hopes you will enjoy The HUG as you put your personal touches on it and share it with someone who needs a hug!

You can find the pattern for Hug on Ravelry at this link:  Hug Ravelry link.  ThisCAL will be in two parts beginning on April 30th. Judie recommends two skeins each of two contrasting colors in worsted weight and a 6.5 mm crochet hook.  Be sure to sign up for the CAL event in our Facebook group so you can keep up with others who are working on this CAL.  CAL Facebook Event/The Hug Afghan.

We hope you will enjoy The HUG as you put your personal touches on it and share it with someone who needs a hug!


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