Layover Shawl


May 30

Part 4 has been added to the Ravelry page.  If you have already downloaded the previous parts you should have recieved notification that part 4 is in your Ravelry Library,  If you have not joined this CAL yet, this is your last chance to get the pattern for free.  Go to the link on part 1 and just use the coupon code LOVEMOM.   You can get all four parts now.  Enjoy your beautiful new shawl!  Thank you to our designer Aminata Ndiaye for giving us the opportunity to share her beautiful and versatile shawl.  Please share your photos with us.

May 23

Part 3 has now been added.  Please continue to share your photos with us.  If you have not already downloaded your free pattern with coupon code, you have one more week to go before it becomes a paid pattern.  You will be sure to love this one.   You will find links to event and Ravelry page at the end of the May 9th posting here.

May 16

Part 2 has now been added to the Hooks of Love Ravelry page.  Don’t forget to use the coupon code below, all uppercase letters.  The pattern is free until the end of the CAL. If you have not already joined the event, see link at the bottom of this posting, and as always, your photos of projects are welcomed.

May 9th

Part 1 has been released today.  See link at the bottom of this post.  The pattern will be free during the CAL, but you must use a coupon code.  The code is LOVEMOM.  Check back next week for part 2.

Introducing an additional beauty for our shawl series.  Our lovely designer of the Warmth Shawl,  Aminata Ndiaye,  has graciously shared another pattern with us.  The Layover Shawl is a very pretty, light and lacy shawl that you will love to wear or share, for the summer evenings or any time a whisper of softness is needed.   Aminata created this shawl on her way to Nigeria for her neices’s wedding, during long airtime, and layovers.  The pattern will be free during the CAL, but will become a paid pattern afterwards.  Be sure to download your copy each week of the CAL.  The pattern is in 4 parts, and part 1 will be released on May 9th.  The last part will be on May 30th.

Aminata’s love of crochet began in her home country of Senegal, where an old childhood friend’s mother taught her.  She practiced by using old French and English doilies as references and design inspirations.  This passion for crochet has continued since her move to the United States.  She has now created many beautiful patterns, which you can find on her Ravelry page.

The materials used for this shawl are 2 ply soft yarn and a G/4 mm hook.  Aminata used 5 skeins of Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour,  but you can use anything similiar.  See intro and the story behind the pattern.

Layover Intro

As usual, join the event to get updates during the CAL. Follow this link for the event:

CAL Facebook Event Link

Enjoy, and share your photos as you go along!

Layover Shawl Part 1

See how pretty!!


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