Celebrating the Flower – Butterflies



When thinking of a garden full of flowers, you also need to envision beautiful, graceful butterflies fluttering around.  They dip their proboscis to gather nectar into the flowers and help in the pollination process by carrying pollen all over their bodies as they go from flower to flower.   No matter what language you call them in, they all represent beauty, grace and a mystical, magical quality.  Here are some other ways you can say butterfly.   In Italian, it is farfalla, in Filipino it is paruparo, in Spanish it is mariposa, in French papillion, in German schmetterling.   Some flowers that attract butterflies even more are snapdragons, pansies, lavender, lilacs, asters, hollyhocks and the milkweed.  The best choice for monarch butterflies would be the milkweed.   Pictured above is a butterfly bush that attracts hundreds of butterflies throughout the summer, in my own back yard.  They even let me touch them, and once one landed on my finger.  What a thrill that was.  I held my breath the whole time, completely in awe.

Butterflies are actually flying insects with large, scaly wings, and there are about 165,000 known species of them.  The process in which a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly is called metamorphosis and is completed in 10 to 15 days depending on the species.  Their size ranges from 1/8″ to 12″.  They start out as a tiny egg, laid on a leaf.  When the larvae hatches from that egg, it feeds on plants, and loses its skin as it grown larger and larger.  It may eat as much as 20 times its own weight.  After hatching and growing, it turns into a pupa, or chrysalis and appears to be resting as it hangs upside down.  However, during that time it is transforming into its final stage as a butterfly.  A group of butterflies is sometimes called a flutter, or even a kaleidoscope.  Have you ever seen a group of monarch butterflies as they migrate?  It is quite an amazing site.  Not all butterflies migrate, but the monarchs are of the few that do.

An ancient Greek belief was that when people die their souls leave their bodies in the form of a butterfly.  Even now, and yes, I am one of those believers, people believe that when they see a butterfly, it represents a deceased loved one nearby, or visiting.  We are convinced that they represent “signs” from those loved ones at quite the appropriate times to be considered merely coincidences.

Butterflies are popular in every aspect.  They are beautiful to see, interesting to read about and fun to create in any form you choose.


With that said, here is a sweet little butterfly created with hope and love in mind.  Enjoy making your own, or a whole bunch.  Save a few for our upcoming project, and use some as an applique or hanging anywhere else you desire.

Here is the link for you, Butterfly, or Farfalla, created by Silvana Tabacchi.


Join our event, and please share your photos with us.


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