Celebrating the Flower – Daffodil

Our flower this week is the daffodil, also known as Narcissus and jonquil and is the most popular of all spring bulbs. Daffodils are perennial flowers that grow from onion-like bulbs.  They bloom in the spring and flower only once a year.  The daffodil is the flower for the month of March, since spring begins in March, is the national flower of Wales, and symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. They have different meanings in other countries. in China, they represent “good fortune”, in France, “hope” and in Japan, “mirth and jouousness.”

The flowers range from tiny 2 inch plants with 1/2 inch blooms, to 2 foot plants with 5 inch blooms.  While yellow is the most popular color, you can also find them in white, cream, pink or orange.  Daffodils have other uses besides looking pretty, they can be used in fragrances and perfumes, used in essential oils to promote relaxation, and even in medicine, in the past.  They have a trumpet-shaped corona, and 6 floral leaves called perianth.  They are easy to grow and can thrive in shade or sun, but do prefer well drained soil.

So, for our crochet version, we got this great pattern from Lucy at Attic24,  She graciously let us use her beautiful daffodil as part of our project.  This little cutie was fairly easy to make as the directions come with great photos.  Here is the one I made, and will definitely make a bunch more. I love how it came out, and would even be great to even wear it pinned onto your lapel.


Here is the link to the pattern:


Enjoy your daffodil and share your photos with us on our event post.


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