Celebrating the Flower – Pansy

This week we have a beautiful Pansy, designed by one of our Admins, Micki Devlin, a very talented designer of many things. So, before we get to the pattern, let’s learn a little bit about pansies.

Pansies are part of the viola family and their scientific name is viola tre color var. hortensis.  Pansies are a compact plant of not more than 9″ in height and can be found in flower beds and many planters.  They are one of the earliest flowering plants and begin to bloom in winter or spring when temperatures are still cool.  If you want them to keep blooming throughout the spring and summer, make sure you pinch out the dead flowers and more will keep growing.  They do prefer sunny spots though, and lots of water. They are a delicate looking flower, with 5 petals that are rounded or heart-shaped, and have a “face.”  They are edible, and can make a meal look very pretty.  You can add them to soups, salads and desserts, and they have a mild minty taste.  They are one way you can add a dose of vitamin C to your food.

What pansies symbolize is “remembrance.”  Since the name comes from the French word pensee, which means “thought,” that is associated with remembrance.  They attract butterflies and are mostly resistant to insects and disease.

Here is the link for Micki Devlin’s (Mim’s Designs) beautiful pansy.

Pansy by Mim’s Designs

Enjoy your newest flower, and be sure to share yours on our events page.


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