Something Magic

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NOTE:  some of the languages have revisions which will be denoted with V2.

10/1/18 Update Part 11 (Final)

It’s the end of something truly magic!  One of our best CALs ever!!!  This final week we wrap things up on the border and as a bonus, Ineke has shared some special information on blocking this magical project! Thank you all!!!

Note that the Dutch version will be a little late in updating!  Sorry about that but we appreciate your patience!


9/24/18 Update Part 10

More flowers and a new stitch as we begin the second part of the border in part 10!

9/17/18 Update Part 9

Time to start working on the border. Can’t believe we’re on the downhill slope!

We regrettably need to let you know that only the English version is being released again this week. Rest assured, they will be released just as soon as we have them available!  Sorry!!!

9/10/18 Update Part 8

This week Something Magic turns into a square.  We’re attaching the corners and getting ready for that gorgeous border.  You’ll also have the option to end at this point if you want, but why would you??!!!! 😉


9/3/2018 Update Part 7

And here is Part 7. We’re moving on to the corners! There are a few new stitches this week so be sure to watch the provided tutorial videos. The videos aren’t specific to Something Magic but will help you with the special stitches. Note that there will also be a new questions post for Part 7.

8/27/18 Update/Part 6

Part 6 is here for Something Magic! But before you head over there PLEASE READ this first for important information !

As always, pay careful attention to the instructions. We also have a new questions post specifically for Part 6 on our Facebook page. Be sure to post your questions there. There are also some revisions for last weeks Part 5 for all languages EXCEPT English. REPEAT, there is NO revision for English.  Look for Part 5 V2.

Remember to read the instructions carefully and always COUNT your stitches! There has also been a revision to all EXCEPT the English version of Part 4 with some minor changes. Look for Part 4 V2.

Be sure to post your progress photos on the Facebook Group page!!  Also , for quicker response to questions, please direct them to the questions post which you’ll find in the announcements section of our Facebook page.


Part 4 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be sure to read all instructions and pattern notes for this part VERY carefully as there are some tricky features and you may have some questions on all the FP stitches.

Round 4 Video Tutorial

Round 9 Video Tutorial

Special Note:  this CAL is considered Intermediate.  Experienced crocheters should have no issues, however, if you are a beginner and wish to have a go at it, please be sure to read and refer to the instructions/introduction carefully.  If you have questions or need help, please refer to our Facebook group page.  While we do check the blog for comments, you’ll get quicker action if you post questions to our questions post which you can find in “announcements” on our page.  Thanks

Ineke Mooijenkind is from the Netherlands, a beautiful town called Gouda. This corner of the world is known for one of my favorite things…Gouda cheese!  Oh, and Stroopwaffles…you haven’t lived if you haven’t tasted the wonderful sweetness of this delightful, wafery cookie.  Delish!

Well, I digress…

We’re really here today to tell you about Ineke’s upcoming CAL.  A must for your summer project list…the Something’s Magic blanket Cal!  Inked, who has been crocheting for 50 years, was inspired by her friend(and one of our favorite designers!), Helen Shrimpton. After finishing Helen’s Mandala Madness CAL she made the squared off addition using parts of the original MM design.  Since then, she is proud to have become one of the lucky testers of Helen’s designs.

And now… Ineke is ready to launch her own first CAL! When she was thinking about her first design, she naturally checked in with Helen who asked her what kind of blanket she prefers.  “Round, square, rectangle, made in one piece or joined with special pieces?” Here answer was, “I prefer to make a round, square, rectangle blanket, made in one piece and maybe joined with special pieces!” And so she did!

This design is really something…something magic!  I guarantee you will love this 11 week CAL which will begin on July 23, 2018.  The pattern will be available on Ineke’s Ravery page.  You’ll find more information and details about this amazing pattern here:




One thought on “Something Magic

  1. Hi! Would you happen to have this beautiful pattern in a baby blanket size? I have a mama that would love a blanket with this pattern. Thanks for your help!


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