Twisted Dreams Sweater – Here We Go!!!!


We are SO excited to bring you this wonderful sweater!  In my part of the world it’s starting to get really cold…we even had some snow already!  This sweater is just going to be perfect for running errands on chilly days!

Part 1 is going to give you a good start to the sweater with the neckline and the beginning of the arms.  Be sure to read through the instructions carefully before beginning.  Micki will be available on our Facebook page to answer any questions you may have.

So without any further adooo…here is the Twisted Dreams Sweater!

Pattern link:

You can find the Introduction post here:  Twisted Dreams Sweater Introduction

And here’s the link to our Facebook Group Event:  Twisted Dreams FB Event

Have fun and don’t forget to post updates to our Facebook group page!!!!

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