Let’s do the Twist!

There’s nothing like seeing a project start coming together and look like something! That’s what’s happening this week as we continue with part two of the Twisted Dreams Sweater. We’re going to do a great deal of the body of the sweater and work on the armholes. The body really showcases the beautiful virus stitch that makes this sweater extra elegant. It’s really going to start to come together and believe me, this sweater is going to give you all the feels!

Pattern link:  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/twisted-dreams-sweater-cal

You can find the Introduction post here:  Twisted Dreams Sweater Introduction

Here is Part 1: Twisted Dreams Sweater – Here We Go!!!!

And here’s the link to our Facebook Group Event:  Twisted Dreams FB Event

We hope you’re enjoying this CAL! Don’t forget to post updates to our Facebook group page!!!!


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