Blanket Reveal and Peg Party, Oh My!!!!


We’ve gotten some amazing feedback on our Friends Around the World CAL that’s scheduled to begin on November 16th.  Many of you are excitedly hunting for the perfect yarn and color combinations.  Well, we can help with that!

Here is a photo of the entire blanket with all 33 squares plus two additional.  Remember that since there are 33 squares, you’ll have a lot of options for finishing.  And don’t forget Friends Around the World 2016!  There are lots of fun squares there that you can mix and match to create a wonderful masterpiece!

And because many of you are hemming and hawing over different color combos, we’re really excited to let you know that Stephanie Shelton of It’s Crochet O’Clock, is hosting a  Peg Party tonight!  Click here for time information and what to expect, but a Peg Party is a great way for you to test out various colors to see what works best!  You really don’t want to miss this.  It’s just great interactive fun!

Stephanie is creating videos for most of the squares in this CAL!  (A few of the designers will be creating their own videos.  You can find Stephanie on Youtube every Monday night where she works on a project and discusses all things crochet!  If you happen to miss her live show, you can always subscribe to her channel and watch anytime.


See you tonight!

Happy Crocheting!



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