If you’re part of our admin team, or our testing or translation team, you’ve come to affectionately refer to our upcoming Friends Around the World 3rd Anniversary CAL 2018 as FATW3, or sometimes FATW2018, or just plain FATW.  Personally, I simply like to call it “Friends” because, let’s face it…that’s one of the best parts about doing a CAL like this.  It’s been designed by our designer friends for all our CAL friends around the world!

And now it’s less than a week away!  On our end, we’re working hard on tieing up some loose ends.  Editing files, making videos, double checking schedules…it’s really amazing how much effort goes into something like this.  The designers are finishing up details on their end too.  Up until now we haven’t identified them, but since so many of you are wondering, we’ve decided that it’s time for a designer REVEAL!  Drum roll please…
Bonnie Barker
Brietna Veronique Vero
ChiChi Allen
Dedri Uys
Divina Rocco
Fiona Audain
Ineke Mooijenkind
Iris Fait
Jenness Fulton
Kate Veselunka
Kogi Naidoo
Kristin Pretzer Hartt
Lina Thorsson
Margaret Krueger
Marjolein Kooiman
Maxine Sutherland
Mervi Jarvensivu
Micki Devlin
Mikkel Beck Hansen
Patrina Hollis
Polly Plum
Sarit Grinberg
Shelly Husband
Silvana Albanese Tabacchi
Stephanie Pokorny
Tatsiana Kupyjanchyk
Valerie Bracegirdle
Vanessa Smith Fishcake
Pretty cool line up, don’t you agree?
A number of you have also been wondering about yarn…how much, what colors, etc.  So how much yarn do you need?  Well, it’s a little tricky as there are some variables!  There are 33 squares in the CAL, giving you the option to pick and choose which ones you’d like to use.
For Aran/Worsted weight, 8 ply yarn
Each Square is an average of 100 grams. (Smallest square at 72 grams and largest at 119 grams, with most weighing in at 99 -102 grams)
The Border works out to approximately 60 grams per square
Joining and Extra Rounds around each square is approximately 3 grams per square
So for example, if you were to use Vanna’s Choice Yarn by Lion Brand, there is 100 grams in each skein.  That would be approximately be enough for one square.  The border and joining amounts will be approximately 63 grams so you would need about an additional 3/4 skein.  Make sense???
We hope this helps!  You’ll have to do your own math calculations depending on how many squares you want to make and how many colors you use.  But feel free to ask questions in our Facebook group and we’ll try to help.
So that’s it for today…we’re counting down until Friday…only 5 more sleeps!!!
See you Friday!

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