Important “Friends” CAL Update!

Hello Friends!

It’s been so fun seeing all your Noughts squares on our Facebook Group wall!  We hope you’re enjoying this one and can’t wait to show you next week’s square!  But you’ll have to wait just a little longer for that!

In the meantime, we’ve noticed that several of you have had questions on the joining of the individual Noughts squares.  You may have noticed that there was a difference in the joining technique between the written pattern and the video.  Unfortunately, the video did not use the correct join and it created a different effect in the appearance of the square.  As a result, we do not recommend using the video for the join of this square.  To see what I mean, take a look at the photos below.  The photo in blue and gray uses the original joining technique as specified by the designer in the written pattern.  You’ll see that it creates a beautiful zig zag pattern with the stitches slightly raised.  The pink/gray square shows a modified (easier) version of joining used in the video.  In the modified version, the stitches fall in a straight line and you’ll notice the contrasting yarn creates a “V” pattern to one side.  

 Agrarian Artisan Blog Post this link is will take you to the blog post written by Valerie, herself, on how to achieve her beautiful join.

The written pattern indicates that you should place the squares side by side (right side up).  When you approach the join this way, you will place your hook into the chain spaces from the top (right side) of the adjoining square.This is a sightly more advanced technique as you need to keep your squares flat with the edges together but this is the only way you will achieve the zig zag design.  In the modified, video version, the squares are held back to back, so you are actually approaching the ss from the back (wrong side) of the adjoining square.  This technique creates a different finish to the join.


Please also note that each square will have three additional rounds each week.  The instructions for this will vary from week to week based on the number of stitches in each square.  Co-incidentally, Noughts has 3 rounds of border, so complete these 3 rounds first  before doing the 3 additional rounds. Please pay special attention to this each week so  you will ultimately end up with the correct number of stitches.  The instructions for these extra rounds will be located here on our blog.

Lastly, keep in mind that each week you might find the pattern on Ravelry, the designer’s blog or right here on our blog.  Be sure you always read our blog post for the pattern location as well as any other important information we may need to share with you!


If you have questions, please be sure to ask them using our questions post on our Facebook group page.


Have a great week…see you on Friday!

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