Winter Jewelry Box Set Mini CAL

Who is ready for a MINI CAL??? We are so pleased to present a crochet along for those cold winter days ahead. Anna Piskorz of Loop of Sunshine Crochet has created this luxurious cowl, hat, and scarf set to not only warm our hearts while we make them, but keep us warm in the coming cold snaps this winter. Mark your calendars for December 1, 2018 for this mini CAL and be sure to join us!

Anna is a very quiet person from a small town in the French Alps. But get her started chatting about yarn, or fiber arts, and she just can’t stop talking! Her designs are modern, boho style pieces that involve texture and color work coming together to make an amazing piece of art when completed. She has “gone off the rails” with her designing, and wants you to do the same when creating one of her patterns.

Anna, and Loop of Sunshine Crochet can be found on social media at the links below.


Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:


•Jane (South Africa) has made this fabulous grey cowl using Charity brand yarn AND she crocheted her own BUTTONS!!!

•Martin (UK) has made this playful blue cowl with 150 gram of chunky wool and multicolored buttons.

•Iris (Isreal) has made this variegated grey cowl with orange buttons using Kartopu wool marina.

•Oscelyn (US) brings us this lovely grey cowl with her own handmade polymer buttons!!

•Sharada (India) brings us a lovely pink cowl in a regular worsted weight yarn, showing that chunky yarn isn’t the only yarn one can use, just adding another repeat of the pattern makes yarn choices unlimited!!!!

•Mary (Canada) made a two toned cowl from an Alpaca chunky yarn in claret and tan.

•Laurene (US) made this lovely gradient cowl using Scarfie brand yarn and filigree buttons (with enough left to make the matching hat!)

•I personally went with a jewel toned alpaca yarn and filigree buttons in a square shape to add one more touch of elegance and luxury!

These luxurious pieces work up so quickly and have been waiting for that one skein of yarn in your stash, or at your yarn store, that you absolutely needed, but have no idea what to make from it. The one that is soft, squishy, or even sparkly, that called your name over and over, that you couldn’t walk away from. The one you have to squeeze and touch each time you pass it. The one that you say “next time I will use this one” every time you dig in your stash for something. This mini CAL is the one to use THAT yarn. You won’t be disappointed when you are putting it on!!!

Make sure that no matter which country or part of the world you are from, or are currently visiting, that you join the event in our Facebook group so that you don’t miss any of the upcoming information.

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Event Link:

This project calls for a chunky yarn (5.3 oz skein should make the cowl and the hat), 3 buttons for the cowl (one button per middle section if using a lighter weight yarn) and 1 button for the hat. The scarf and mittens will require more than 1 skein, but less than 2 additional skeins. Of course you will also need a 5.5mm hook for chunky yarn, or a corresponding hook size to the yarn you have chosen, so may vary due to gauge. Although, as you can see from the pieces shown, any yarn can be used so don’t limit your choices to only chunky!!!

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