Coffee with Friends…..

This is a new and exciting time for all of us here at CAL – Crochet Along. We are so pleased to present to you a new interview series with some familiar designers, some up and coming designers, some designers you have yet to hear about, and some amazing talent just emerging!!!

Each piece will bring a new interview, set as a conversational piece for you to enjoy, while you get to know what’s behind the designs you have come to love. Every corner of the world will come together, over a cup of coffee and a conversation. These interviews will be about the person, not just the designer. What is their favorite color? We will find out. What is their favorite yarn? We will find out.

Please be sure to join us here, for the next coffee break, and refuel with all the fun and interesting things you will learn about your designers!!! Until next week when we have Coffee with a Friend….. Ineke Mooijenkind of Something Crochet, designer of Something Magic CAL.

Please leave us a comment with questions you would love to see answered in our interviews, and you just may see your answer in an upcoming interview

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