Dahlia Delight by Shelley Husband

Here we go with Week 3!!!  Shelly Husband returns to FATW3 after previously designing two squares for our Friends CAL in 2016, Melbourne and Sydney.

The pattern will be on Shelley’s website and there will also be a video this week!

Shelley is an Australian designer and teacher living on the south west coast of Victoria with her hubby and teenager in a tiny dot of a town by the ocean. Her two older children have left the nest and are spreading their own crafty and arty wings in the world.

Shelley has crafted most of her life, trying “all of the crafts” over the years. These days, she spends most of her time with a crochet hook in hand. Having discovered a natural knack for crochet about six years ago after a break of a few decades, she hasn’t looked back, creating hundreds of Granny Square patterns.

Shelley loves nothing more than designing new patterns aiming to extend her own and our crochet skills, gently challenging and encouraging us to create timeless, classic pieces sure to be admired and appreciated.

Seamless crochet is a real passion and she has many tips and tricks to make our crochet look the best it possibly can, using techniques she has combined and tweaked over the years.

When not designing crochet, you can find Shelley teaching crochet in workshops around Victoria and beyond. For those who can’t make a workshop in person, she teaches worldwide via her annual Crochet-A-Long projects through her blog and YouTube channel. There’s no doubting Shelley’s passion for all things crochet.

You can find Shelley online at www.spincushions.com and on most social media channels as Spincushions.

And now, here’s a little bit about Shelley’s square!

We asked Shelly what inspired her to create her square. She told us she wanted to create a fairly solid square that was quite simple in design. Flowers are a common theme in her designs so it was no real surprise when her hook led her in that direction again. Dahlias are one of her (and my!) favorite flowers. They can be huge with many rounds of petals which you can see in her design.

You can find the pattern for Dahlia Delight here: Spincushions

Extra Stuff

Yarn Requirements

Check out our post on yarn requirements here.  Here’s what the testers used for this square:

Lynette:  Worsted/Aran, 117 grams

Marjolein:  Stylecraft Special DK, 36 grams

Silvana:  Herrschners Worsted 8, 76.9 grams

Aprille:  Stylecraft Aran, 78 grams

Claire:  Stylecraft Aran & Boyes Aran, 77 grams

Tester Photos:


Additional Pattern Info

Pattern Location for Dahlia Delight:  Spincushions

Don’t forget the extra three rounds you’ll need to do around each square to prepare for joining and finishing your blanket. Here is the link for directions on adding the extra finishing rounds.

Link to: Base Rounds For Joining Claire Sutcliffe FATW3

This will be necessary to get your squares to the proper ending stitch count.  It will vary slightly from week to week because the squares vary in ending stitch counts so be sure to follow the directions for each square. You may choose to add these extra rounds now or later.

That pretty much covers it for this week!  Please keep posting your squares on our Facebook group page CAL – Crochet A Long.  And if you have any questions, be sure to use the weekly questions post pinned to the top of our Facebook page.

See you next week…same time, same place!


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