“Winter Jewelry Box” Beaded Cowl Set

The weather here is getting colder by the day and the snow is starting to fly. It’s really the perfect time of year to make cowls, hats, gloves,  scarves  and, and, and…….you get the picture.   

Well, you are in luck, my new friend, Anna Piskorz of A Loop of Sunshine has designed exactly what you’ve been looking for. The pattern will be available on her blog at the link above.

CAL – Crochet A Long is lucky to be hosting the Beaded Cowl set Mini CAL that is starting today. We will be making the Cowl first, of course. Next comes the hat, gloves, scarf and….? Maybe a surprise piece at the end. 

We’ve teamed up with another new friend of mine, Craig from Fiber Spider on YouTube.

He will be making videos tutorials for this CAL. He’s got such a gift for teaching and he will definitely make this quick project go even quicker. 

Below is a list of important dates to keep in mind so that you don’t miss any piece of this beautiful set.

Saturday, December 1st – Cowl

Wednesday, December 5th – Scarf

Saturday, December 8th – Hat

Wednesday, December 12th – Gloves

Saturday, Secember 15th – ?

Every piece in this set is really pretty, warm and very affordable. And any piece (or the whole set) will make a lovely holiday gift. But, if you are like me one of your daughters has already claimed it as theirs and you’ll be making more.

I made my Cowl using just one half of a 5.3 oz ball of Lion Brand Scarfie yarn. I used a K hook so that it had a nice drape. But the nice thing about this set is that you can use any yarn and any size hook you’d like. 

I’d like to thank Anna for designing this beautiful set and allowing us to host the CAL, Craig, for agreeing to make the video tutorials and all of our makers who used their own yarn, time and talent to create these beautiful cowls. (Pictures below) it was a truly international project!!! How fun and exciting that people from all around the globe, speaking different languages can come together to make this CAL possible. 

Laurene (USA)

Martin (UK)

Jane (South Africa)

Iris (Isreal)

Oscelyn (USA)

Jo (USA)

Mary (USA)

Sharada (India)

Until Wednesday, happy crocheting!


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