The Secret is Out!

I am so excited to finally spill the beans on a secret I’ve been keeping for the last couple of weeks!

We’ve been working really hard to bring you the videos we promised for the Friends Around the World 3rd Anniversary 2018 CAL and today we are sharing the news that the one and only Bonnie Barker of Bonnie Bay Crochet will be creating the videos for the rest of the CAL.  There are a few of our designers who will make their own videos but Bonnie will do the rest.  Bonnie is a well known, accomplished crochet designer, instructor and author.  Her designs have been featured in numerous publications including Leisure Arts, Coats & Clark (Red Heart Yarn), Caron International, Cascade Yarns, Crochet World Magazine, Crochet! Magazine and Mainly Crochet.  She has also published several books and is a popular YouTube host.  Bonnie is probably most known for her crochet cable designs…AH-MAZE-ING!!!  And of course, you’ll remember Bonnie for her recent Tree of Life CAL!

Bonnie’s first video for our CAL will debut on Friday and I can’t be more excited about that!  Unfortunately you will have to wait just a few more days, so in the meantime, head over to Bonnie’s website and especially YouTube channel, BonnieBayCrochet where Bonnie has posted a FATW3 informational video to help pass the time!!!

See you all on Friday!

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