T CAL? What is that you ask???

Well, let me rewind to a few days ago………

It all started when I was talking to Marjolein Kooiman, designer of the just finished Stacking Whirls CAL.

It’s a Tunisian CAL (T CAL, ahhh ha, there it is….lol) that we hosted on our Facebook Group, CAL – Crochet A Long. She’s in the process of designing some really great patterns that will be coming our way in 2019! Anyway, I’ve been searching high and low for a long time now looking for a person who not only makes videos but know how to Tunisian Crochet as well.

As luck would have it, I was scrolling through my gazillion Facebook notifications, looking for a particular one I’d seen earlier and came across one from a Tunisian Crochet group that I’m part of. Not the notification I was looking for, but it was definitely meant to be that I clicked on that notification! I scrolled through the posts to get caught up on the latest and greatest in the Tunisian Crochet world. While scrolling I came across a post David Burchall made.

He had posted a video of a Tunisian crochet stitch (can’t remember which one). I thought to myself, NO WAY, can’t be…..someone who crochets AND knows Tunisian!?!? I decided to go over to his YouTube channel and watch some videos.

David’s YouTube channel

I really enjoyed watching his videos so I ended up sending him a private message to introduce myself and our Facebook Group CAL – Crochet A Long.He suggested we do a video chat/call on Messenger….a little out of my comfort zone, but…..I figured, what the hey, why not? I only had my oldest daughter at home at the moment and she was working on homework. I had a quiet house, which doesn’t happen all that often. LOL! David and I chatted for 2 hours!!!! Not even kidding, FASTEST 2 hours that I can remember in recent history. The rest of the family came home so he got to meet my girls and by the time we finished, we came up with some pretty neat ideas!Both David and I want to see Tunisian Crochet get the attention it deserves. It’s fun, easy, (yes easy, who knew) fast and resembles knitting slightly. We hope to bring you a T CAL, that’s Tunisian CAL, that begin with the basics and move on from there. A Tunisian 101, if you will, with each lesson including a project to practice your newly acquired skill. Please have a look at the video that David put out about what’s to come. Crochet with David Birchall.  He also has a Tunisian Facebook Group, Crochet with David, you should join that so you won’t miss a thing Please keep an eye on our blog, Facebook group and David’s YouTube channel for more information regarding this exciting new learning experience. Until next time……happy crocheting!


P.S. I almost forgot to tell you, we also planned some other non Tunisian CAL’s……but I’ve been sworn to secrecy…. more on this coming soon…….stay tuned! ❤️

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