Holiday *CAL-a-thon* with the Admin starts ….. NOW!!!

Ready??? Set……

The blog posts for this *CAL-a-thon* will be posted at the hours of 8am CST, 10am CST, and 12pm CST. (Every two hours, just in case there’s a day with more than 3, you never know!) The first project will be the item that takes the largest amount of time on that given day. We have done this as to give you the better part of an entire day to finish it (although none should actually take more than the allotted time unless you have to get embellishments still). Each day will have at least 2 projects, although some will have more than 2, but never more than can be completed in a day. Mystery is always a part of the Christmas Spirit isn’t it?????

Each project will have its own blog post, pattern included. The link for each will be posted into our Facebook Group Event as well, so be sure to click going as to not miss any notifications. We are sooooooooo looking forward to seeing all of the pictures of your finished projects in the event and/or on the main page of the group. (Yes, it’s ok to post in both areas)

There is something we haven’t told you just yet…. and it’s really exciting! There will be a PRIZES!!! (crochet related prizes!!!!). The grand prize will be awarded to the member who finishes every item and makes the completed project at the end AND posts the picture of it to the CAL – Crochet Along Facebook Group AND the event FIRST. (yes, even if it’s international shipping).

There are so many quick pieces to this *CAL-a-thon* that can be used for gifting, gift decorating, or home decor….. you won’t want to miss a single one.

CAL Crochet Along Facebook Group Event


Happy Holidays and Happy Crocheting,




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