Day 3 …. Holiday *CAL-a-thon* with the Admin

We would so like to take the tome to tell all of our members how simply amazed we are with the participation in this impromptu, surprise, unexpected CAL! The stats on the blog have shown us that even though there aren’t many posts in the facebook group yet…. that there are a LOT of you actually going to each article and spending time there. Don’t forget the post your photos to the facebook group and the event. You can’t participate in the PRIZE categories if you aren’t posting those pictures!!!

Yesterday had a slight snafu with one pattern. Unfortunately, I managed to upload the unedited file instead of the edited one. Please find the errata article here: Errata Article

Yesterday also brought us some super cute ornaments! And several member picture posts that truly turned up the holiday cheer!!!

In case you missed them, projects 4-6 are as follows:

#project4: Stocking

#project5: Star of Wonder

#project6: Mittens

I know my tree is starting to fill up… and each item is bringing back the memories and building the holiday cheer and Christmas Spirit in my home. I hope you are enjoying this CAL as much as we are enjoying watching the members posts!!!

Happy Holidays,


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